An Event: Meeting Other Authors at Old Faithful Inn


Marsha Karle lavished praise on my book minutes before the next eruption of Old Faithful.

Part of the fun of singing books in the lobby of the Old Faithful Inn was meeting other authors.  On Saturday morning, my friends artist/illustrator Marsha Karle and her husband, author Paul Schullery, stopped to chat. They were kind enough to hang around the lobby for a few minutes announcing loudly how much they enjoyed Adventures in Yellowstone and saying everyone should read it.  I can’t wait to get my hands on their new book, This High Wild Country: A Celebration of Waterton- Glacier International Peace Park. The combination of Marsha’ s watercolors and Paul’s prose has to make for a wonderful book.


Too bad Paul wasn’t around a few minutes later when another author of books on fishing arrived. I’m sure he would have enjoyed meeting Harry Sloan, the author of Virginia Trout Streams: A Guide to Fishing the Blue Ridge Watershed.

In the afternoon, I got to meet Ralph Himmelsbach, author of  Norjak, The Investigation of D.B. Cooper.  Ralph was the lead FBI investigator in the case, one of the most fascinating unsolved crimes of the last century. In case you don’t remember, a man calling himself Dan Cooper highjacked a passenger plane, ransomed it for $200,000, and parachuted away.

I’ll post more later on the thrill of hearing people say “I loved your book,” and the fun of convincing others that  they’d enjoy it.


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