News: 2010 was a Great Year for Blogging

The StatsMonkeys at WordPress.Com said this about my blogging in 2010:

“We think you did great! A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,300 times in 2010. That’s about 3 full 747s.”

When they put it that way, it sounds impressive, but in a world where some bloggers count their hits in thousands or even millions, I wonder. I’d sure like to do better. Anybody got any suggestions? The best advice I’ve had so far: Post good content and be patient. I’m sure that’s good advice, but I’d welcome other ideas.

I launched this blog in the middle of July. By January 31, I had posted 56 items. That’s about two per week. Is that a good rate? Would you like more? Should I slow down and use my time for other things?

I’ve usually been able to find an image to accompany each post. But often, the photos available to illustrate events that happened more than a hundred years ago are of poor quality. Does that bother you? Would it be better just to leave poor pictures out?

My busiest day of the year was November 16th with 50 views when I posted News and Views: Off to Helena for “Great Conversations” That one—and a follow up—told about my participation in a fundraiser for the Helena Education Foundation. Also popular was my description of my book signing at the Manhattan Christmas Stroll, News: Holiday Spirit Lives in Small Town America. Apparently, these things got a boost because sponsoring organizations used them for promotion. Can you think of other ways to get a boost?

The most popular story about early travel to Yellowstone Park was A Tale: An October Snow Storm at Yellowstone Canyon—1880. Why did that one get the largest audience? What makes for a good story? Do you have any favorites? If so, tell me about them, and why you liked them.

The story that drew the most comments was A Tale: Maud Gets Her Revenge. No questions about that one. I laugh myself every time I think about Maud’s antics.

So, use the comment button below to send me your suggestions for ways to make this blog better. I’d really appreciate that.

And my heartfelt thanks for making it a success.

7 thoughts on “News: 2010 was a Great Year for Blogging

  1. You and blog are doing great. Your subject is not going to attract millions. Those blogs can be counted in small numbers. CNN or Roger Ebert come to mind. Pay attention to how Roger Ebert uses Twitter to drive traffic to his blog. He’s a genius at it.

  2. I understand that there only a handful of blogs that count their hits in the millions, and there are millions that count their hits in handfulls. Still, I’d welcome any suggestions that would move mine from hundreds to thousands.

  3. mark,

    Just discovered this from your link on Facebook today. Only suggestion I have is to integrate Facebook and here as tightly as possible . . . .

    And be outrageous enough to generate word-of-mouth. Something folks will talk about.


  4. I’d think to get from hundreds to thousands, focus on those tangentially interested in your topic, i.e. people who visit National Parks, travelers in general, historians, folks interested in the westward expansion, geologists, etc. Then post links to your blog on their blogs, forums, etc. as well as facebook. You can even give the occasional update through LinkedIn.

    But who am I to give you advice? 🙂

    • Who are you to give advice? Why, you’re a guy with a Ph.D. who has been doing university teaching and researching for a decade. Offering you advice is a generous act. Thanks.

      I’m starting to follow your advice, but i’m having better luck in more specialized blogs. Last week I contacted a history of bull riding site and got a good bump in hits of my series on the Belgrade Bull.

      Again, Tnx.

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