An Event: Presenting The Best Montana Books of 2010 at Country Bookshelf

I’ve been asked to discuss the 2010 Montana Book Award winner and this year’s honor books on Tuesday, April 12, at 7 p.m. at Country Bookshelf in Bozeman. I’m really excited to speak at this premier independent bookstore where so many great authors have done readings.

The Montana Book Awards are a great bunch of books this year. As a member of the awards committee, I have read all the nominees. I know it was hard to choose just one winner from all the wonderful titles that were submitted this year. The rules limit the number of Honor Books to four so several really good nominees were left out.

My talk will come right after the MBA award presentation ceremony at the Montana Library Association meeting in Billings. I’ll get a chance there to chat with the winning authors. Also, I’ll participate in a panel discussion of  the books at MLA. These things should deepen my appreciation of the books and improve my presentation.

On this blog I’ve already

I’ve also written the following reviews:

I hope you’ll join me at Country Bookshelf for a discussion of some really great new Montana Books. Come early and spend some time perussing the great selection of new books and classics.

And yes, I’d be happy to sign copies of my own book, Adventures in Yellowstone.


2 thoughts on “An Event: Presenting The Best Montana Books of 2010 at Country Bookshelf

  1. Mark, wish I could attend your discussion this coming Tuesday in Bozeman; it will be a winner, for sure. You have such an interesting take on how each of the honored books tells part of the story of Montana. Should be a great night.

    –Ruth McLaughlin

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