News: Yellowstone Gate Links to M. Mark Miller Blog

Today I noticed that I my blog received several hits from Yellowstone Gate, which describes itself as “an independent, online news site covering life in and around Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks. Our mission is to offer original reporting, insight and commentary on the critical common issues facing the parks and their gateway communities, including Cody, Wyo.; Cooke City, Mont.; Gardiner, Mont.; Jackson, Wyo.; and West Yellowstone, Mont.”

I decided to reciprocate by posting this notice and adding a link to Yellowstone Gate to my blogroll.  I hope you’ll check there often. I know I will.


— Quotation and logo are from  Yellowstone Gate.

One thought on “News: Yellowstone Gate Links to M. Mark Miller Blog

  1. Mark,

    I’ve enjoyed reading your posts about Yellowstone history, and I’m always glad to share them with Yellowstone Gate readers. Looking forward to future “Tales.” Thanks!

    -Ruffin Prevost, editor
    Yellowstone Gate

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