Yellowstone Stores for International Women’s Day

I thought I should celebrate International Women’s Day by providing a list of stories about some intrepid travelers who visited Yellowstone Park more than a hundred years ago. Here are some of my favorites. You can find even more by clicking on “Women’s Stories” under the Categories button.

Emma Stone tours Yellowstone — 1872.

Emma is the first white woman to make a compete circuit of the park.

Doughnuts fried in bear grease — Sarah Tracy, 1873.

Because of Indian troubles, armed soldiers escort Sarah on her way to Yellowstone Park

Dolly saved my life — Mabel Cross Osmond, 1874.

When 6-year-old Mabel tours Yellowstone Park with her parents, an alert Indian pony keeps her from serious injury.

Captured by Indians — Emma Cowan, 1877.

Emma watches in horror when Indians shoot her husband in the head.

An October snow storm — Carrie Strahorn, 1880.

When Carrie braves fresh snow to see the Yellowstone Fall, she is caught in a blizzard.

A mother takes her seven children to the park — Eleanor Corthell, 1903.

An intrepid woman buys a horse and wagon and takes her family on the adventure of their lifetime.

Maud gets her revenge — L. Louis Elliot, 1913.

A camp assistant evens the score with a supercilious guest.


— Read more about women travelers in my book, Adventures In Yellowstone.

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