Coming Soon: Macon’s Perfect Shot

Billings author Craig Lancaster is helping me get my mid-grades novel, Macon’s Perfect Shot, ready for publication. Look for it soon at your favorite bookstore or e-bookseller.  Also, look for Craig’s fifth book, The Fallow Season of Hugo Hunter.

Here’s the dandy cover Craig designed for Macon. Note the great blurb he included.

macons perfect shot front cover

Here’s what’s written on the back cover.

Fourteen-year-old Macon Josey must earn enough money so his widowed mother won’t have to give up his baby sister for adoption. He sees a chance when Uncle Bird Calfee offers him a job caring for art equipment on a trip to the brand new Yellowstone Park. Macon’s mother fears marauding Indians, boiling geysers and ferocious bears, but Uncle Bird promises her he’ll stay on routes that avoid danger, and he’ll teach Macon to shoot his father’s rifle. Macon learns to be a sharpshooter while he and Uncle Bird travel meeting colorful characters and seeing hot springs, waterfalls, and canyons. This new skill becomes crucial after Uncle Bird falls into a geyser and Macon has to figure out how to get his scalded friend home. The only way is to head straight toward a band of murderous horse thieves.

You can find out more about Macon’s Perfect Shot here.

While you’re doing your Christmas Shopping look for my next anthology of early Yellowstone travelers’ tales, The Stories of YellowstoneGlobe Pequot will be publishing it in November.

And don’t forget my first book, Adventures in Yellowstoneis still available. You should read it before your next trip to Yellowstone Park. It will add a new dimension to your Yellowstone experience. You should read it even if you’re not going to the park if you’ve ever wondered what it was like to visit there when it was a remote roadless wilderness.







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