This blog is credible — Wikipedia makes it official

While checking to see how my blog was doing yesterday, I noticed that one of my hits came from Billings author Craig Lancaster’s Wikipedia page. “That’s strange,” I thought. So I checked it out.


Craig Lancaster

Sure enough! There it was in footnote number 10, a citation to my post of March 1, 2011, “Reading Hemingway in Yellowstone by Craig Lancaster.”

We all know that Wikipedia guards its credibility zealously and insists that citations come only from reliable sources. That makes official what readers of this blog already knew—everything here is reliable.

And we know the information in the post is solid. After all, Craig wrote it. That struck me as a bit odd. After all, Wikipedia once refused to accommodate renowned author Phillip Roth’s request to change an entry about one of his novels on the grounds that Roth was not a credible source concerning the basis for a character in one of his novels. The incident was described by the BBC, which cited Roth’s long letter to The New Yorker. 

When I checked the other citations in Craig’s Wikipedia Entry, I was delighted to find I was in good company including Jenny Shank of PBS, David Crisp of The Billings Outpost, David Moore and Lisa Simon of Reflections West, The Dallas Morning News and the Billings Gazette.

I’ll be even happier when I get my very own copy of Craig’s new book, This is What I Want. You can read all about it on his website, or even better, order your own copy.


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