Blog/Webpage Update

After I sent the manuscript for Rediscovering Wonderland to my publisher a few weeks ago, I just coasted for a while. But as soon as I felt rested, I began noticing all the things I had neglected during three years of being focused on writing. In that time, I finishing Encounters in Yellowstone and Sidesaddles and Geysers in addition to Rediscovering Wonderland. (How’s that for humblebrag?)

Fixing my long-neglected blog and webpage were high priorities, but I soon discovered that my management skills for such things had atrophied and become obsolete. I decided to merge my blog and webpage so I wouldn’t need to learn two management systems. My son-in-law, a software development specialist at Argonne National Laboratory, helped me put every thing under WordPress, but I still had to figure out the tasks of learning its management system and redesigning things.

I passed though the event horizon from the age of intuitive computer operation to bewilderment several decades ago, but I sallied forth with an ample swear vocabulary, a bottle of good whisky and a willingness to flail away. After many hours of trail- and-error I have made things presentable. (I hope.)

I’ve tried to preserve everything from my old blog, make new posts accessible and highlight my books. I’d be grateful if you would take a look at things and let me know if I’ve succeeded. I’m sure there are thousands of little things that need fixing and I’ll work on those. But for now I’m focusing on big stuff. So let me know if you see any disasters. Thanks!

I plan to post regularly so watch this space.


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