M. Mark Miller grew up on a ranch in Southwest Montana where the rugged Tobacco Root Mountains carve a jagged skyline in the Jefferson River Valley. As a boy, he  played with farm machinery like tractors, grain combines and hay rakes, and farm animals like horses, cows, and chickens. When he was 10 his father gave him a heifer calf. He worked on the ranch for the right to keep the calf and her offspring there, and he eventually accumulated a beef herd that helped him pay for college.M. Mark Miller is a fifth-generation Montanan who grew up on a small ranch north of Yellowstone Park. His earliest memories are of his grandmother telling about her trip to the park in 1909 and her father and grandfather’s trip there in 1882. Miller has capitalized on his life-long interest in Yellowstone history to assemble anthologies and write fiction and literary non-fiction. Explore these pages to find out more about his life, books and speaking.