News: MACON’S PERFECT SHOT, the Paperback, Arrives

Macon in a boxIt’s here. And it’s beautiful, thanks to Craig Lancaster”s superlative cover and book design. You can find out about Craig’s marvelous books on his website. I can’t wait for his next novel, The Fallow Season of Hugo Hunter.

Macon’s Perfect Shot is a ripping adventure story aimed at middle grades, but fun for readers of any age. Inspired by true stories from my collections of more than 400 first-person accounts, the book provides an authentic picture of Yellowstone Park in the 1870s. Great for reluctant readers. Buy it for a kid you love. And tell your teacher friends about it.

You can order Macon now from Amazon in paperback or Kindle versions.

I’ll begin working now to get it stocked in bookstores. I’m not usually comfortable working in sales, but it really helps to have a product I believe in. When the box Macon books arrived, I couldn’t resist grabbing a copy and flipping through it. Wherever, my eye landed, I found a section I was proud of. I worked hard to make Macon sing—and I think I succeeded.

Yesterday I talked with Susan Backer, a life-long elementary school teacher, about the possibility of a teachers guide for Macon’s Perfect Shot. I was delighted when Susan said she saw lots of ways the book could be used in schools and was “excited” about the prospect of writing a teachers guide. More about that later.  Watch this space.


You can read about all my books on my blog.


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